If you are thinking about getting married in Majorca, I am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind is a beautiful wedding venue with sea views, am I right? But although we have the sea all around the island, it is not so easy to find a beautful and stylish wedding venue with sea views. This location in the east of Mallorca is one of the most beautiful options for a beachclub wedding in Mallorca.

Most of the couples do the ceremony in the gazebo right on the sea , a perfect place! There is no beach just in front of the beach club, but this is actually the big adavantage as there won´t be any disturbing tourists lying there. If you want to make pictures on a beach you can do a 5 minutes drive and you will get to the next beautiful sandy beach.

The aperitiv and dinner you can do it in different locations, this depends a little bit on the size of the wedding party. You can rent the whole beachclub in Exclusivity, but you dont have to. If you are just a small group they normally put you just in front of the sea and the other guests farer away so you stil have a lot of privacy.

The only thing they are not 100% flexible is the music as there are apartments in the back. You can have dinner music, also a band (but not a rockband, something) until 23.00 outiside. After this time you can go inside and go on with the disco until 2.00 in the morning. For Party People who dont want to be limited with this time schedule there is also the possiblity to combine the beachclub with a private finca (has to be suitable for events!)- there you can party on until early morning hours.