Today I would like to explain a little bit more the advantages and disadvantages of planning an event in a private finca.
Although there are a lot of fincas to rent here on the island, it is not that easy to find the perfect one which meets all your requirements you are looking for.

1. Is it possible to do an event in this finca?
Have you talked to the owner and is he ok that you will celebrate an event there? Are there any neighbours close to the finca who could call the police in case of noise?

2. Minimum Stay:
Very often you have to rent the Finca for a minimum of 7 nights, specially in the high season. To rent a nice event finca in the summer time only for the weekend is almost impossible in Mallorca.

3. Plan B:
How about the Plan B, does the finca have a big interior space where you could hold the party in case of rain? If not you have to think about a tent, addinal costs and work.

4. Costs:
The beautiful and big event fincas are not cheap- you can count with 700-1500€ /night for the rental fee only. And: most of the owners require an event fee of one extra night for events.

As you can see it is not that easy to find the perfect venue-but me as a Wedding planner here on Mallorca I obviously have a lot of beautiful private fincas in my portfolio.