Now there are only, let’s say, about three hundred thirty questions left to be resolved before the “happy end”- your perfect wedding day.The next three questions are (normally!) also easy to answer:

Who?    You

What? Wedding

Why?   Love (well, to be honest there can be also other reasons but as I am an eternally romantic person I will not go deeper into this

The next questions When? Where? and How? are much more complex and difficult to resolve  but: that’s how it should be! To plan a wedding is not a thing you do in one day, not even in one month. The whole process of organizing the ”most important day of your life” is just so beautiful and emotional that you really should enjoy this “journey” which often takes more than a year… You will see, to make this day just as you have always dreamt of, to put all the small pieces of the puzzle together and start seeing then the whole picture is so exciting that you should not hurry up, no, you should really live every moment, because it is a unique time in your life!

But it is easy to say that you have to enjoy these moments if you don’t even have time for it !! This is where we come in…

Apart from an incredible network of musicians, florists, decorators and locations that we will put all at our disposal we will assist you in every moment with our experience and help- whatever you need. We will be your only contact person for the hundreds of small details you have to think about- and this is really helpful and takes away a lot of stress and worries, especially if you don’t  get married in your home country and on top of that have to deal with a foreign language!

You will see, you will be able to enjoy every single part of the organization process and leave all the “work “and responsibility in our hands. And the most important thing: you will enjoy 100% of your wedding day as wewill be there to look after all the details and you can really be there for your partner and your guests- and just have the party of your life!

If during the reading of this little text you had to smile then get in touch with us: we definitely have the same humor, and this is one of the most important ingredient for this whole project!

Let´s talk without any commitment about your ideas and how we can make your dreams come true!