As “my” couple and me as their wedding planner had organized the day before a Family-Come-Together in the private villa, bride and groom wanted to have a little more “action” on the Friday, the day before the big wedding day.
Most of the clients had come from Germany with their kids, so we had to find something entertaining for adults and children.
We decided to go for a “treasure hunt” with I-Pads, a new version of the “old” Treasure hunt. We had elaborated a few personal questions about the bride and groom and togehter with some other multiple choice questions about Palma the guests could learn a little bit about the histroy of Palma but also about the love-history of bride and groom.

All of the guests had a lot of fun on this 3-hour- treasure hunt. In between we had organized some cool drinks and fruit snacks, and after having the team AMELIE had found the big treasure we had organized buses to bring the adventurer to a close beachclub where they had a great BBQ and live band waiting for them.

Around midnight also the last guests were leaving after an eventful and funny day, as they had to be “fit” on the next day, the day of the big wedding in one of the most luxury and beautiful hotels in Mallorca.
In my last part of the triology I will tell you everything about the beautiful set up and also show you the most spectacular pictures!