I was a really bad girl this summer, having abandoned my blog for so long! That’s why I have decided to start right now with a 3-Day-Mallorca-Wedding-Trilogy including amazing Mallorca Wedding venues.
Today I want to show you a few pictures from a Pre-Wedding Party (the wedding was on a Saturday and the couple had decided to do the Welcome – Evening in their private House near Palma on the Thursday evening.)

The dinner was a Spanish-Mallorcan-Pre-Wedding-Buffet with Paella-Showcooking from one of my favorite Catering Companies here from this beautiful Wedding-Island Mallorca: Njam!

Decorationwise we left it very “clean”, as the bride and groom just wanted to have some candles and torches. And the Wedding DJ, who was booked for the 3 days, lighted the house up like a club.
For all of you who want to have a party in a private house: take care of the volume of the music because of the neighbors, because otherwise you will have the police standing in front of your door soon… we had written some letters the days before to the neighbors, so the bridal party could celebrate their first Pre-Wedding evening without any problems.

In this special case we had a lot of children who also had to be entertained. Two very nice Entertainers had the total control over the crowd of 25 children with balloons and face painting. And: the Candy bar was also a big success not only for the children

you will hear from me soon with the second part of the •-Day-Wedding