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Optimize your nutrition- Healthy Eating Tips


To achieve a healthier and more attractive body you have to change your unhealthy eating habits – and this for long term. But before you can change something is important to know what is it what you did wrong so far.

My program includes:

• Personalized Study of your eating habits

• Personalized diets considering your  age, weight, height, gender, food preferences, habits, working hours, regular physical activity, sport, etc..

• Weight loss, toning, reducing fat mass, muscle building

• Nutritional education

Important: I will not give you a boring dietitian class –we will go together to the supermarket or the market where you use to buy your food and after that we will make a nutritional diet plan. Alternativly I will organize for you a Top-Chef who will come to your home and prepare with you together healthy, tasty food

So, no more excuses! You are the only one who is responsible for your body and you are the only one who can get it into shape – contact me and we start a new healthy life together!