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Personal Training Wedding

Are you thinking about contracting Personal Traing for your Wedding to get in Shape?
Almost everyone knows nowadays how beneficial sport is for body and soul,… that´s why I will not bore you now explaining you all these benefits again: that you lose weight, tone your body and at the same time produce endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel happy, is a fact.

But knowing all these things, why is it so difficult for so many people to follow a consequent exercise plan, not only for a month but for much longer? From my point of view the main problem is that most of us consider sport as a “torture” what you have to endure until you achieve certain results (or not!) and after that to return as soon as possible to your old unhealthy habits.

Let’s face it: if you could choose between tapas & drinks with friends or a 2 hour Spinning session in the gym full of sweaty bodies, the decision would not be very difficult if there was the question: what do you want more? Unfortunately there is no question. There is only one fact: if you want to be healthy and have an attractive body you have to implement sports into your daily life whether it is summer, winter, having a job, kids, family – or not.

There is no need to go crazy and start exercising two hours a day seven days a week. Start with 2-3 sessions per week, but continuously and without excuses. Exercise has to become part of you and your life. So you ´d better find the right type of exercise what fits perfectly for you and your lifestyle.  You like to play tennis? Great! Unfortunately if your partner only has time once a week you will not be able to play tennis alone, correct? You need alternatives… Or you like to run outdoors? Perfect! But in winter time it is too cold, in summer it’s too hot,… so you need also alternatives! It may sound like a cliché, but from my point of view, everyone of us should be pointed in a gym. You like to do sports outdoors: perfect. But in case of bad weather: go to the gym!

I would be very happy to accompany you doing your first steps towards “your” sport, your fitness center and in general a healthier life. I will motivate you to keep on moving and put together the perfect trainings plan for long term results.