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Wedding Make up and styling

Wedding Make up and Styling
Since I was a child I have been fan of the German television program called “Die Vorher-Nachher-Show”, in English: The “Show Before and After.” There were mostly women who wanted to improve their appearances, so they got a their hair changed, professional make up and a new style of what they were wearing … I was and still I am fascinated what difference it makes and what results can be achieved with a few tips and tricks given by professionals.

Nowadays the American version “Extreme Makeover” has become very popular, a really tough show as they put the participants up to two months in a beauty clinic where they lose weight with a lot of exercise, really strict diets that also involve invasive surgeries and teeth implants.

You don’t have to go so far- I personally think that with a balanced diet, some exercise and the suitable styling, hair and makeup you can make yourself feel 100%, not to say 1000% better than you feel now.

to achieve this you have to invest time, a little money and the most important: motivation.

I would be very happy to assist you together with only the best beauticians and hairdressers on the island to find “your” perfect style without losing sight your personality, something that, from my point of view, is very important for long term success.

Just contact me and we will make a personalized action plan according to your needs.